Recommended tablet hardware

Robin's room display app runs on iOS and Android devices. However, there are a number of devices that meet all aesthetic and budget requirements. The following includes some of our favorites.



Rooms runs on any iPad up to three years old.

  • iPad Mini  Best for iOS
  • iPad 
  • iPad Air


Android tablet

We recommend at least an 8-inch screen size for the best visibility.

  • Fire HD 8 Best for price


Android 13 tablets

We currently support up to Android 10. We know this is not ideal, and we're working on an app update to better support the newest Android devices. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team via chat or


Crestron Tablets

Rooms runs on all Crestron devices. Built to meet the demands of an Enterprise office, Crestron offers a variety of displays, mounting accessories, and optional light bars.

Logitech tablets

Rooms runs on Logitech Tap Scheduler (Included LED light bars) designed  for Enterprise offices.


For a current list of our favorites and where to get them, you can also visit the store page.

Once you have a tablet in mind, here's how to get it mounted.

Looking for recommendations on interactive kiosk devices, right this way!

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