Recommended tablet hardware

Robin's room display app runs on iOS and Android devices. However, there are a number of devices that meet all aesthetic and budget requirements. The following includes some of our favorites.



Rooms run on any iPad up to three years old.

  • iPad Mini  Best for iOS

  • iPad 

  • iPad Air


Android tablet

We recommend at least an 8-inch screen size for the best visibility.

  • Fire HD 8 Best for price


Crestron Tablets

Rooms runs on all Crestron devices. Built to meet the demands of an Enterprise office, Crestron offers a variety of displays, mounting accessories, and optional light bars.

Logitech tablets

Rooms runs on Logitech Tap Scheduler (Included LED light bars) designed  for Enterprise offices.


For a current list of our favorites and where to get them, you can also visit the store page.

Once you have a tablet in mind, here's how to get it mounted.

Looking for recommendations on interactive kiosk devices, right this way!

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