Updating the Microsoft 365 account connected with Robin

"Will switching accounts delete all of my events?"

Nope! When you disconnect a Microsoft 365 account, Robin will unpair all space calendars and only remove events in the future. Since these events exist on your Microsoft 365 calendar, they will sync back as soon as you pair the calendars again.

All of your spaces and historical data (e.g. past events and analytics) will stay put.

How to switch accounts

If you're updating your account to use a different address for managing the events there are a few steps involved:

  1. Remove the current account.
  2. All spaces will switch to on-demand automatically because they will no longer have calendars attached. If you have a busy office, you may want to wait until off-hours to make this switch since it will briefly impact folks' ability to book through Robin.
  3. Connect the new account.
  4. Make sure the new account has the same permissions to access calendars as the original.
  5. Reconnect the same calendars to each space, which will restore the original schedule.
  6. You're done!

Remember that spaces can exist without their calendars. When you delete a space’s calendar, the space will continue to exist but switches to on-demand scheduling. Any connected room displays will update to be impromptu-meetings only until a calendar is reconnected. You should not have to update any of your room displays when switching a booking user.


How to disconnect a Microsoft account

Navigate to the Manage > Integrations tab within the web dashboard. 
Select Manage next to Microsoft 365. 
Scroll down and click Remove to disconnect your account. You must confirm before the account is disconnected.


Accounts with 25 + calendars

As a precaution, if you have more than 25 active calendars, you'll see this message instead of the "Remove" button. You'll need to either disconnect the individual room calendars first or reach out to support via chat or email, and they'll be happy within a few minutes. 


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