Migrating to Graph API from EWS (Office 365)

According to Microsoft, starting May 2024, new assignments of the ApplicationImpersonation role will be blocked. By February 2025, this permission scope will be completely removed. 

As Exchange Web Services (EWS) is going away on October 1, 2026, we recommend migrating from EWS to Graph API. Robin accounts created before September 2023 use EWS.

Who is affected?

Offices using Office 365 who created their account before September 2023 or have not migrated to Graph API.

What’s the difference?

Graph API provides enhanced control over calendar and mailbox access, offering improved security and access options. End users will notice no difference when using Robin.

Service account or app?

We recommend integrating via the enterprise app for an easier setup and less maintenance.

If you would prefer to integrate via service account, we require the service account has delegate access on the room calendars.

How do I migrate?

Robin is developing a self-service migration assistant to facilitate this transition. If you are interested in participating in the beta, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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