Health checkpoint

Robin’s health checkpoint allows admins to disseminate and collect data from employees to determine if they have been in contact with someone or are personally experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 prior to coming into the office. If an employee’s answer “fails” to meet the company standard, admins can easily spot this and communicate to the employee not to come to the office.

Anyone associated with a desk (including non-Robin members) will automatically receive the health checkpoint email. 


If you created a health checkpoint survey before March 2021, we recommend modifying the survey to achieve a pass or fail result. To do this, edit the survey and select the appropriate answer for each question and save. 


Follow the tutorial below or the steps outlined in the guide


Setting up health questionnaires

Admins, select Manage from the top ribbon > Integrations.
Under the health checkpoint section > Manage > Add a health checkpoint. 


You can send building-specific checkpoints or create one checkpoint for all buildings. Any person with a desk reservation or seat assignment in the selected buildings will automatically receive a health checkpoint email. 
A. Desk reservations will receive the health checkpoint email 4 hours before the reservation begins.
B. Seat assignments will receive a daily Health Checkpoint email 4 hours before the office "opens" based on the building's set hours.

Note, one checkpoint survey per building. 


(Optional step) Choose to alert specific people whenever someone fails the checkpoint, so you can follow up with the right process to keep everyone safe. 
Additionally, choose if you'd like to include who failed in the email notification or keep it private.  Screen_Shot_2021-04-19_at_12.24.31_PM.png
The email notification with the personal information included will look something like this:
The email notification without personal information included will look something like this:
Use the default instructions we provided or write your own. 


Next up, configure the survey questions and answers for a pass or fail result.
Use the default questions we provided to get you started --you can modify, delete, or add more questions to best fit your organization's standards.  
A. To edit a question, click in the text box. Note, only "yes or no" questions are supported. 
B. Click the trash icon to delete a question. 
C. Click the Add another question button at the bottom of the page to add more questions. Note, only yes or no questions are supported.


After you've created the questions, select the appropriate answer for each question in order to achieve a pass or fail result.
At anytime, you can save & close the draft you're working on or Publish the checkpoint to go live from the top toolbar. 

What if someone fails

We highly recommend adding clear instructions in the customizable fail message to instruct employees to cancel their desk reservation, this isn't done automatically today. Automating this workflow is something we are exploring. 

What if someone fails it by accident?

There is no way to push out a "redo health survey" for the same desk reservation. The best workaround in this scenario is to instruct folks to cancel their original desk and re-book a new one. Then they can complete the survey associated with the new desk booking via email (only available via email).


Reviewing responses & statuses

From the responses tab, use the CSV export option to download survey questions and responses. Or follow the link to the access page where you can see who completed the checkpoint and if they passed/failed it (includes a CSV export option too). See the examples below. 


A CSV export from the responses tab will look something like this:


The pass or fail statuses on the access page will look something like this: 



Previewing & customizing messaging

Use the message preview tab to customize the pass and fail messages to fit your office's needs that end-users see after completing the health checkpoint. These customizations are per survey. 


You can also preview the email message end-users see when receiving the health checkpoint. Customizing the email message and/or delivery schedule is not supported today.



Completing your health checkpoint

You can complete the survey from the web dashboard, via email or from the Pass tab on the mobile app. 

If you've made a desk reservation, a seat assignment for yourself, or if an admin did it on your behalf, you'll receive a health checkpoint survey 4 hours before your reservation starts on days your office is open. (Note, if your office allows desk sharing, you will not receive the checkpoint on the days you've shared your seat.)

Web dashboard

From the Office page, on the left side of the map, you'll see the option to complete your checkpoint or the option to mark yourself as Not coming in anymore. 


Via email

  • You'll receive a health checkpoint email titled, Complete your health checkpoint for [date, time].
  • Follow the link in the email to complete the health checkpoint questionnaire.
  • You don't have to be logged into Robin to complete it.  For non-Robin members, the health checkpoint is sent to the email used to make the seat assignment or desk reservation. 
  • Note, same day reservations/"for today" do not receive the health checkpoint email. This is because same day reservations are made in real time via the mobile app and/or via web dashboard which automatically prompt users to complete the health checkpoint as part of the booking workflow. 


Via mobile 

If you made a reservation using the mobile app that starts in < 4 hours then you'll automatically be prompted to take the health survey before heading in. 

Once a reservation is within the 4-hour window of starting, you'll see a reminder on the Pass tab to complete the survey before heading into the office.  


After completing the questionnaire, you'll be prompted with a message letting you know how to proceed. These messages are customizable. The message you see may look different.

Note, your desk reservation isn't automatically canceled if you fail. Look for any special instructions in the fail message provided by your office admin. P_F_msg_preview.png

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