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Robin maps are a live seating chart that give visibility to when co-workers are in – or plan to be – in office to make coordinating with teams easy. However, we know this kind of transparency doesn't work for everyone all the time, which is why we've provided the ability to manage the visibility of a desk reservation.

Things to know 

  • This setting is OFF by default

  • This is a building-level setting 

  • Global admins and Local Office Admins can manage the setting

  • Users with desk delegation can book and hide a desk reservation on someone's behalf 

  • You can change the visibility settings on an existing reservation

  • Applies to flex desks only (hot & hotel)


Enabling private reservations

1. Go to the web dashboard

2. Click Manage

Click Manage

3. Select an Office

Select an Office

4. Toggle privacy setting on.

Toggle privacy setting on.

How it works

When you're creating a flex desk reservation from the office map on the web dashboard, mobile app, or a kiosk, you'll see a visibility drop-down menu on the reservation module.web_A.png

Visible reservations

Reservations are “visible” by default, displaying the person's name because in most cases, folks like to see who's in the office so they can coordinate with their teammates. Reservation names are also visible on the web and mobile People tab too.

Hidden reservations

For regular Robin members, a hidden reservation will appear as "Reserved" on the map across all Robin platforms (web dashboard, mobile app & kiosk). It's also hidden on the Schedule and People tab on the web dashboard and mobile app.  


Who can see hidden reservations?

Users with the following permissions can see “hidden” reservations from the map in the location(s) where they:

  • Manage offices & maps: Users can see who has reserved a desk

  • Delegate booking: Users can view/manage the reservation status of others

In addition, users with the following permissions can view and/or export desk reservation details & data:

  • View Access

  • View Analytics



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