Use local desk check-ins only

If you'd like local check-ins to be mandatory for employees, enable the Local desk check-ins-only setting and set up on-site check-in methods. The Local desk check-ins-only setting disables all other desk check-in methods and requires employees to be at the office in order to confirm their seats. If you enable this setting, you need to set up at least one of the local on-site check-in methods: 

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to turn this setting on, or follow the steps below.

How to enable local check-ins only setting 

This setting can be enabled for an entire office building(s) or for specific desk groups. 

Enable on office building-level

Navigate to Manage > Offices > Select a building > Scroll down to the "Desk policies" section > Toggle Local check-ins only setting > Apply to all. 

⚠️ Note "Apply to all" will overwrite any pre-existing desk policies.⚠️


Enable for a desk group

From the Office search page > navigate to the Edit floor drop-down menu on the map > Layout Desks.

Select a group of desks > in the right menu panel click the Policies tab, then toggle Local check-in only policy.  


Abandoned desk protection tip

Admins can enable abandoned desk protection when configuring the stickers.  With that said, if "Local check-in only" is enabled, we recommend configuring or adjusting the abandoned desk protection threshold to include a buffer to give folks enough time to get to their physical desk to complete the check-in before the reservation is canceled.

Desk check-in tips

If “Local-check in only” is turned on, users will receive a check-in reminder 30 minutes after their reservation starts. In other cases, users will receive a reminder at the start of the advanced check-in window.

*User's work location must be set to In-office. *

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