How to purchase stickers for desks (QR codes)

Stickers are the easiest way for your team to book a desk, check-in for the day, or see if a seat is free, all with a quick QR code scan in the mobile app. We recommend using stickers if you plan to make local check-ins mandatory. Admins, follow the steps outlined below to learn how to purchase stickers.  

1. Navigate to Manage > Stickers on the left. 

2. Enter how many packs of stickers you need (100 per pack) and click Buy packs now.  2023-05-30_15-24-13.png

* Make sure pop-ups aren't blocked on your web browser *

3. This opens a pop-up checkout window. Fill in your information and click Continue to Shipping. 


4. Select your shipping method and click Continue to Payment. 


5. Add a form of payment and click Pay now. 


6. After you submit your order, you'll receive an order confirmation email that will look something like this:


7. Lastly, you'll receive an email when your order has shipped. It will look something like this:


Next up, Setting up QR codes & NFC tags for desks.  


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