Meeting Confirmations

With a regular calendar system, there isn't a great way to ask coworkers if a booked meeting is real or not. Confirmations are one way Robin helps schedules run smoothly by giving folks a way to indicate if a meeting is still happening. To understand how they work, let's look at the lifecycle of an average meeting:

  • Monday: You book a meeting for Wednesday at 10AM and invite three people.
  • Tuesday: Two people RSVP no.
  • Wednesday: You forget to cancel the meeting, even though everyone has to reschedule. Your coworkers find out the hard way.

In this case, even though a meeting is on the schedule it would help everyone in your office to understand if a meeting is likely to still happen. With Robin, you have an opportunity to confirm (or delete) the meeting shortly before it starts thanks to in-app reminders and room display cues.


The default confirmation window is 2 hours. You can customize the confirmation window for your organization under Manage > Organization > Event Customizations. Set a window that works best for your team, with a setting range from 10 minutes to 12 hours.



How are event confirmations made?

Confirmations come from a few different places:

As Robin learns more about how your organization works, you may see additional options to confirm meetings appear throughout the apps.

Confirmations and Unbooking

If you've enabled automatic unbooking for abandoned meetings, there are two kinds of meetings which do not require confirmations, and will not unbook:

Meetings that are 8 hours or more (i.e. all day events), because showing up at midnight to confirm your all-day seminar is probably not a great experience.
Meetings booked (from Robin only!) within your set confirmation window (the default setting is less than two hours in advance), including impromptu meetings on the room display, will automatically confirm since they fall inside the confirmation window. The average organization on Robin will see about 15% of their total meetings fall into this category. You can customize this confirmation period via scheduling settings.
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