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Robin's Workplace Announcements allow admins and managers to easily communicate real-time updates and policies with employees. There are two types of announcements you'll see in Robin: 

  • Standard announcements- these live in the announcement inbox 

  • Priority announcements- these are considered mandatory announcements that require your acknowledgment before you can make reservations.

Let's take a closer look at what the two types of announcements look like in Robin and how you can view them, including mobile push notifications.  

Priority announcements


Priority announcements populate immediately upon opening Robin on the web dashboard and/or the mobile app when there is a new, unacknowledged announcement posted by your office admin (provided the user has been onboarded and is logged in).


Read the announcement, then click or "Tap and hold"(on mobile) the acknowledge button to confirm and dismiss the announcement.

Note, all announcements, standard and (acknowledged) priority, will live in the announcement inbox for reference until an admin archives them. 


Standard announcements (non-priority)

You can view standard announcements from the announcement inbox on the mobile app and/or web dashboard, and they'll remain in your inbox until an office admin archives them. 


From the Schedule tab, tap the announcement icon located in the top right corner and tap an announcement to open it.


Web dashboard:

When you open the web dashboard, you land on the Schedule page by default.  You'll be prompted to acknowledge any unread priority announcements first, and then you'll see any new non-priority announcements highlighted in the top right corner. Click the announcement icon to open the inbox.

Announcements remain in your inbox until an office admin archives them. 


You can also view announcements from the Office tab. Click the Announcement card in the top left and select an announcement to open it in full view. 


Mobile push notifications

When a new announcement is created for your (preferred) office, we'll send you a push notification.  Tap on the notification to open it in the Robin mobile app.


Note, to receive push notifications for workplace announcements you need to have a preferred office selected. You can manage your user preferences, including notifications, in your user settings in the mobile app. 




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