About Robin's smart room booking feature


  • Room calendars connected

Robin will suggest spaces you've recently and/or frequently booked that fit your meeting criteria (time, number of attendees, &, etc.) for your upcoming events that don't have a space. This feature is available on the Workweek view (Schedule page) in the web dashboard and mobile app. 

On days you're scheduled to come to the office, you'll notice a space suggestion and a one-click booking button next to meetings without a space.  

Web dashboard:


Mobile app: 

smrt bking mobile.gif

Robin will not make room suggestions if:

  • The meeting doesn't have any invitees.

  • The meeting is an "all day" event or over 12 hours long. 

  • The meeting is less than 10 minutes long. 

  • The meeting was created by someone outside of your organization.

  • Rooms are not connected to calendars.

About the mobile push notifications

  • The space suggestion notifications are ON by default, but you can turn them off under your user notification settings in your profile on the mobile app. 
  • The space suggestion notifications are connected to desk check-in reminders.

Admins have the option to disable the feature

Admins, if the Smart Room Suggestion feature is not a good fit for your organization you can disable the feature under Manage > Organization > Features > Smart Room Suggestions. 



Q: Does the smart room booking feature need to be set up by an admin first? 

A: No, the feature is enabled by default. 

Q: Do the space suggestions take any action, meaning is this auto-booking? 

A: No, it is not auto-booking. Book the space recommendation when it fits your needs. 

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