Step 5. Add room calendars to spaces

Pair Google Room (resource) calendars with Robin spaces to allow employees to book spaces, like conference rooms, in advance to help avoid scheduling conflicts.

Before you can add Google resource calendars to Robin, you need to have spaces set up in Robin first. Setting up spaces and adding room calendars is super easy with the map Layout tool. Follow the steps outlined in the Layout tool guide here to get started!


Waiting for your Robin maps to be completed?

If you want to get a head start setting up your spaces while you wait for your Robin map(s) to be completed, you can open the space management page to add room calendars instead.

1. From the web dashboard, navigate to the Manage tab. 

2. Select an office building > floor > space. 

If you still need to add spaces, click the + Add Space button in the right corner and fill in the details > Create Space. Now select the space from the list to open the space settings page.

3. From the space details page, scroll down to the"Schedule configuration" section > select the Scheduled option. 

4. Select Google Apps.

5. Click Add a calendar.

2023-07-05_14-44-04 (2).gif

6. This opens a drop-down menu with a list of the calendars managed by the connected Google account. Select the calendar you'd like to pair with the space. 

7. Click Save. Your current and future events will now sync with Robin. It may take up to 10-20 minutes for all events to sync for the first time. 

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