Step 2: Create Google calendar resources for room reservations 

A calendar resource (aka “resource calendar,” “room calendar”) is a special type of calendar meant for shared resources like rooms or equipment (i.e., camera equipment) that can only do one thing at a time. Robin and Google Workspace work best when you use resource calendars. Using shared calendars is not recommended. 

Before you start, you need

  • A Google Workspace for Business account.

  • Access to a Google admin account. 

  • At least one office building in Google. Google Calendar uses buildings as the foundation for all your resources. If you need to add a building, follow the Google steps here.  

  • A list of all your conference rooms ready.

This video walkthrough shows you how to set up calendars for your rooms in under a minute. 

Sign into your Google admin account to access the Google Admin console.
  • If you see a list of Google Accounts on the sign-in page, be sure to choose your admin account (it does not end in

In the Admin console on the left panel, click Apps > Google Workspace > Calendar > click on the Resources section to open it.
Click the yellow + add button.
(If you don't have any buildings listed, you need to add one before you can add resources. Click the Add building link to create one.) yellow.png
Enter the resource name, type, and description. Pro Tip: Follow Google's recommendations for structured resources.


Click Add Resource. 

By default, managed resources are shared with people in your organization and are set to "Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict."  If you want to share resource calendars with specific people or a group in Google, refer to Google's guide here. 

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