Create meeting room calendars in Office 365

Meeting room calendars represent the physical rooms in your office. When you create and add these calendars to your organization's address book in Office 365, people can reserve rooms through both Outlook and Robin.

To create your rooms in Office 365, follow these steps:


Log into your Office web portal using the Administrator credentials for your company's account.
Select "Admin" from the list of available apps.

Select "Meeting Rooms" from the menu on the left, then click the + to add a new meeting room.

Variations on the admin panel in Office 365

If you don't see "Meeting Rooms" in the menu on the left, you may be running Office 365 for Small Business, or another variation. The set-up process is slightly different. This guide from Microsoft has more.

Fill in your room details.
Click "Booking Options" to confirm that the room will automatically accept meeting invitations when it's available (this is the default).

Repeat and create rooms for each of the bookable spaces in your office.
You now have room calendars to pair with Robin. 

Next up:

Pair these calendars with your rooms in Robin.
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