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The Desk check-in dashboard dives into desk check-ins across an organization and helps admins understand how their organization is using Robin desk check-in features and how their check-in policies are impacting the data they are able to see. Desk check-ins allow organizations to understand if desks are actually being utilized and can be a powerful insight into planning.

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Below are some key use cases and tips on how the report can help admins adjust their settings and policies. 

What can I learn from this dashboard?
What can I do with this information?

Total Desks

The total number of desks with a check-in policy

As you review the data in the desk check-in dashboard, you’re able to see high check-in rates. It might be worth encouraging check-ins across more desks in your office to get better utilization data.

Total Check-ins

The total number of desks with a check-in policy that were booked

Get a feel for the volume of check-ins across your desk over a period of time. If this number is low, you might be seeing low adoption of desks requiring a check-in. Send a reminder to employees to check in to confirm their reservation.

Check-in rate

The check-in rate across desks with a check-in policy and how its trending based on a previous period

Checking into desks is important and helpful because it helps validate your office utilization. This chart helps you understand how often desks are checked into in your office. Seeing low rates may indicate that people are not using desks or not following the check-in policy. Seeing how this number is trending from previous periods can help you understand if this problem is persisting, increasing, or decreasing.

If you are seeing a high check-in rate but don’t see a lot of people in your building, check our desk policies to see how your Advance check-in window might impact this number. People may be checking in advance, and you may want to require local check-in only.

What is the desk check-in rate cross desks with a check-in policy rate over time?

Understand the check-in rate over time on desks with a check-in policy to help measure desk utilization. You can use this information to help plan for future desk needs and space planning. Do you really need as many desks as you currently have if you are seeing a low check-in rate month over month?

You can drill down into desk type (by right-clicking on the bar chart) and see what desks are not being checked into. Your policy settings for what desk types require check-ins will impact your check-in rate.

What are the most popular check-in methods?

Understand what are the most popular check-in methods on desk bookings to ensure that those methods are widely available across your buildings.

Robin provides you with a number of easy-to-use ways for your organization to check into desks. Popular check-in methods may encourage people to check in more often and can be more widely rolled out or communicated to your employees. If you recently rolled out a new check-in method, you can filter the time period to see adoption rates of that check-in method and try and understand why it's not highly utilized.

How are check-in methods trending?

Understand how the usage of check-in methods has changed over time to ensure that those methods are widely available across your buildings.

Knowing how methods are trending can help you understand when those methods were introduced and how quickly they were adopted. This information helps ensure that more popular check-in methods based on trends are widely available. If you notice drops in check-in methods, you may communicate that new methods are available to help address this problem or check to see if additional problems are preventing these methods from helping you understand utilization, such as wifi issues or the setup of the feature. 

What is the check-in rate across buildings?

Understand check-in rates across buildings to help improve utilization, forecast real estate decisions, and reduce costs.

It's helpful to understand if your check-in rate varies across buildings on your campus'. You can start to see if there are certain policies that are implemented in certain buildings that are encouraging more check-ins.

What are the most common check-in methods across buildings?

Understand what are the most popular check-in methods for specific buildings to ensure that those methods are widely available.

Go a step further in your analysis and understand how the methods you’ve introduced impact your check-in rate across buildings. You might find that certain methods encourage better check-in rates and can be implemented successfully across more buildings.


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