The Desk Bookings dashboard


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The Desk Bookings dashboard helps you monitor desk utilization within your office(s) by reservation type.

You can quickly compare the number of desks booked on a daily basis to ensure that you have the right desk resources for your employees. 
This dashboard cannot be edited. 

Note: This dashboard has replaced the Desks Timeline dashboard.

The Desk Bookings dashboard is available from the web dashboard by navigating to  Analytics >  open the Dashboards tab on the left > Desk Bookings tab.   

  • Use the drop-down menus at the top to filter the data on this page by campus, building, floor, & and date range.

  • Use the menu on the right to filter the data by reservation type and the option to include the total capacity layer. 

Below the graph, you can see the same data broken down into a table.  Click the overflow menu on the right for more options.

To learn more about building custom dashboards from these pre-built dashboards, head this way. 

Are you in the APAC region?

Customers in the APAC region may see data that looks slightly different than expected. Data is processed at the end of the day Eastern Standard Time, which can cause a delay in processing data for the previous day in the APAC region. 

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