Direct Access Control Integration & Occupancy Measurement


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This guide provides an overview of our new access control integration and how it relates to measuring occupancy.

Capabilities and Benefits

Automated Check-ins:

  • Employees with assigned desks are automatically checked in.
  • Employees without a desk reservation will appear on “Who’s In” list
  • Accurate, real-time list of who’s in the office.

Enhanced Analytics:

  • Provides more reliable and accurate analytics around check-ins and office usage, especially for offices with many assigned desks.
  • Check-in data will indicate which check-ins came from badge swipes.


  • Automatic Desk Check-in: Users with a desk are automatically checked in.
  • Office Creation for Non-desk Users: Users without a desk will have a visit created.
  • Advanced Analytics: Enhanced dashboards that include badge swipes in the check-in data.

Caveats and Limitations

  • Analytics do not include badge swipes per door or per floor.
  • Users do not receive notifications for check-ins (unlike WiFi check-ins).
  • No visual indication for check-ins when a user doesn't have a desk reservation.

Process and Logistics

Integration Process & Service Fees:

  1. Connect with your Customer Success Manager to schedule a call with our product team
  2. Integration project will be scoped and priced based on call with product team
  3. Integrations between customer systems and Robin will incur an initial service/integration fee, and then an annual maintenance fee.

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