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New to Microsoft 365? Microsoft has a great guide to administering apps like Robin

Here's how to install Robin's syncing app onto your Microsoft 365 account, which will allow you to connect room calendars to spaces in Robin. This will install a domain-level "Enterprise App" which has permission to manage room resources within your account. You can see a list of other apps you've installed this way here.

You must be a global administrator to complete this step

This app will be installed for your entire organization, so you will need a global administrator to complete this step. If you'd like to understand more about why a Global Admin is needed, Microsoft has an explanation for this requirement. We've also prepared a primer for Enterprise Apps in Azure.

Navigate to the Manage tab within Robin's web dashboard.
Select the Integrations tab, and click "Connect" Microsoft 365.


Choose how to connect > Connect via App.2024-02-01_11-54-45.png
This will start the OAuth flow to connect to your account and install the app. The window will prompt you to enter account credentials or show you a list of your Microsoft Accounts. Since this will be an app for your entire domain, you will need to use a global administrator account to complete this step.


Common pitfall

If you see the screen below after pressing "Accept", it means your account is not a Global Admin. You will need to log in using a different account or have your IT department temporarily change your user permissions until you've completed the installation.

Robin will ask for permission to access calendar information in order to sync events. Accept permissions to proceed.


"Why does it ask for full access to all mailboxes?"

Robin uses an authentication method called OAuth to securely install the app onto your Microsoft 365 account. OAuth is a way for apps to request very specific rights for your account. For Microsoft 365/EWS, Microsoft requires that all OAuth apps request mailbox permission for EWS API's. Once installed, the Robin app only interacts with your calendars.

You can read more about app privileges in Microsoft 365 here.

You're all set! You can now pair calendars managed by this account to your spaces. You can confirm by seeing if Robin is visible from your domain's app overview:

Common Pitfall

If you see the screen below when trying to login to Robin via Single Sign-on, you will need to enable user consent at an organizational level in order for users to log in via Microsoft 365.


Currently, our app is not in the Microsoft Store, which means it requires user consent to be granted when using Single Sign-on for Microsoft 365. We understand this is cumbersome and we are working towards getting our app into the Microsoft store so folks can bypass the user consent setting.


Next up

Now that you've connected the app, let's connect a room calendar to a space in Robin.

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For more about enabling single sign on in Robin via Microsoft 365 check out this article.

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