Converting floor plans to Robin Maps

Supported plans

  • All plans

Simple steps for Maps

  1. If you joined Robin after September 2022, you submit your first map when you create an organization in Robin.  The map uploader only supports 1 floor:1 map. New and existing customers before September 2022 can submit additional maps to their Customer Success Manager. 
  2. Robin designers convert the blueprint by tracing structural outlines.
  3. The admin that submitted the floor plan will receive an email notification when their Map is completed and available in their account. More questions? Check out the Map FAQ guide. 

Original floor plan or blueprint:


Converted Robin Map:


Why do you need to convert my map? Just use the original.

We convert Maps for you and make sure they’re compatible with our platform. Unless you make major changes to your workplace layout (e.g.; knock down walls or rebuild), we let you quickly, easily, and independently make changes as your workplace evolves


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