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Status Board offers big screen signage for office availability. With a quick glance at a TV around your office, team members can easily find conference rooms based on availability and amenities. You can also customize your status board(s) to only show availability on specific floors or specific spaces.

Status Board works with most modern browsers, and can display in either landscape or portrait depending on the display. If you already have TV’s in your office, chances are you can use the same system to run Status Boards. Some TV’s have limited browser support built in, but you’ll have the most reliable experience connecting a separate device like a Chromebit or Airtame.

We’re not able to maintain a list of compatible TV browsers (it’s a REALLY big industry), and we’d recommend testing before deciding to use a separate device or not. We do not have native apps for Apple TV or Roku at this time.


Maps on Status Board:


Get started with Status Board in a few simple steps:

You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a tutorial on how to setup a Status Board.

Configure a board
  • Robin Admins can set up new boards in Dashboard. Go to Manage Devices Status Boards Add a board


  • Name the board based on its location in your office
  • Select board type: Scheduling or Maps
    • Don't have Maps? Contact us to learn more.
  • Select building and floor
  • Click Next


Can I restrict Status Boards to an IP address?

Absolutely! When setting up your board, enter in IP addresses or IP CIDR blocks under Advanced options. Boards will only load information on these approved networks.


  • Configure privacy options to manage info displayed on each board
  • Click Activate status board



Copy the link
  • Once you’ve activated the board, copy the unique Status Board URL
  • Paste the URL to a device that is broadcasting your status board in the office (e.g. mini PC or Chromecast)


Open in a browser
  • Set the board to fullscreen on your TV
  • The board updates automatically as room statuses change


Map Kiosk for Status Board

Looking to search & book spaces from a Status Board in your office? Check out our Map Kiosk. Follow the steps above to create a Status Board for maps, then select copy kiosk link in blue to connect to your big screen. Copy_Kiosk_link.png


Deleting and recreating a Status Board

If you delete a Status Board for a building or level and then recreate the same board, the Dashboard will activate a new link. Be sure to copy the updated link to your Status Board device (the old link will no longer be valid).

To edit or delete a Status Board, go to Manage > Devices > Status Boards and select the pencil icon next to a board from the list.


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