Collecting workplace experience feedback

Supported Plans

  • Teams
  • Enterprise 

User Permissions Required 

  • Global Admin, Local Office Admin 

The Workplace Experience report helps office leaders collect, analyze, and act on employee feedback. The report gathers feedback based on who is in the office on a certain day and allows you to filter the responses by date, building, and rating.

Get started with the Workplace Experience survey to gain a sense of what drives employees to come into the office and how to make the office a place folks go to do their best work.  

Setting up the survey


Navigate to Manage > Surveys > Configure. 



Select the office location(s) to send the survey to. 



Decide if you'd want to give employees the option to respond to the survey anonymously or not.



Click Publish-- the survey goes live immediately. 


Completing the survey  

The survey is linked to checked-in desk reservations (and seat assignments) and displays on the web dashboard and mobile app 3 hours before a desk reservation or assigned seat ends and expires 3 days after the reservation occurred.  If you respond or dismiss the survey on one platform, you won't be prompted again on the other. 


If you have a desk reservation that falls within the survey window, then you'll be prompted to complete the survey (or dismiss it) when you open the mobile app or web dashboard. Mobile_flow.png

Depending on how your office is set up, you may have the option to submit your feedback anonymously.  



Survey frequency

When a user completes the survey they won't be prompted for feedback again for 5 days, which makes it, on average, one survey a week for a user.


Viewing survey responses

Global admins can view all survey responses & download a CSV export from the Analytics page in the web dashboard.  Local Office Admins can view the survey responses & download a CSV export for the building(s) they have admin permission in.

Navigate to Analytics > open the Dashboards menu on the left >  Experience tab.

  • Use the drop-down at the top to filter responses by building, date range, and rating type.

  • For anonymous responses,  the rating, comments (if any), and the building it is associated with are visible. The name of the person who submitted the response and where the reservation was in the building (desk or desk group) are NOT visible. 

  • Export the experience ratings & responses as a CSV to share & compare with stakeholders. 



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