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With the return to the office and a transition to hybrid work, desk and floor usage are not as predictable as they once were and can be difficult to measure when making critical decisions for the office. The Workplace Insights dashboard provides an overall view of how spaces and desks are being used on each floor to help office admins understand utilization trends and space optimization opportunities. We've highlighted some key insights this dashboard can provide:

  • I want to cut a floor to save costs on my real estate. Which floor has the lowest overall utilization?

  • I want to cut floor 1, do I have enough desks on a different floor to accommodate usage on a different floor?

  • I want to know how desk and space utilization compares across buildings using the campus filter.

  • I want to cut a floor with the lowest utilization, does this floor seem to have low utilization across the past year, or is it just these past 30 days?

  • I seem to have low space usage. I want to know more about these spaces. 

To get started, navigate to the Analytics tab > click the Dashboards drop-down on the left > Workplace Insights tab.  

Personalized recommendations 

At the top of the dashboard, you'll notice three personalized recommendations based on the utilization data presented for the selected location and time period. The recommendations are divided into three insight categories: 


1. Unused space by capacity: Identifies spaces with certain capacities with consistently low usage.

  • Illustrates opportunities where certain spaces may not be the right fit for their workforce based on capacity and usage trends. Presents admins with an opportunity to reconfigure or get rid of space.

2. Desk check-in rate: Indicates whether employees are checking into desk reservations.

  • If the check-in rate is low, you may want to remind employees of the workplace policies to encourage more accurate usage data. Or you may consider that usage is not as high based on just booking data.
  • If the check-in rate is high, you can feel confident with the adoption of this feature and the representation of the desk usage.

3. Popular meeting days: Highlights up to two days of the week where space usage is consistently high.

  • Look at the peak meeting days to confirm you have enough spaces for your employees. If you're considering making changes like consolidating floors, then you may want to ensure there are enough meeting rooms to support peak-day space usage.

Desk & space usage trends by floor

View desk & space usage trends over different periods of time to better understand whether it makes sense to get rid of a floor due to consistent underutilization. 

  1. Toggle between the desk usage and space usage tabs. 
  2. Hover over a specific part of the trend line to view % of usage for a specific floor.
  3. Use the predictive trends toggle on the right to see a forecast of space and desk utilization. 


Click on a specific floor in the legend to highlight that specific floor in the graph. 


Click the toggle on the right to see a predicted forecast of space and desk usage for a floor to help with future planning.


Average floor usage table

Compare desk and space usage across floors to understand how each floor is being utilized. 


Assigned desks

In the Workplace Insights dashboard, assigned desks are always considered booked desks, whether it's assigned to a user or not. For example, if you have 10 desks on floor two and 5 of those 10 desks are set up as assigned desks, the desk usage will always be at a minimum of 5/10 or 50%. 


View average desk usage by floor 


  1. Sort average desk and space usage by highest or lowest. Use the arrow next to the "Floor name" column header. 2022-09-28_10-43-07.png
  2. Average desk usage is calculated by the total desks booked for 30 min or more/total desks available x 100.
    • If a desk is booked by two people, it still counts as one desk booking in the total desks booked for desk utilization.
    • Any desk reservations made outside of your set office hours are not included in the total desk bookings.
  3. The Desk usage also displays the total number of desks booked/total desks available (this is displayed to the left of the bar for each floor).

View average space usage by floor 


  1. The average space usage is calculated by total space hours booked/total space booking hours available on open office days x 100.
    • Based on standard open office hours (9 am - 5 pm) for all customers and assume an 8-hour work day. 
    • Space reservations booked outside of office hours are counted in total hours booked. 


Q: How are the floors in the table sorted by default?

A: The floors are displayed in smart ordering ( Floor 1, Floor 2…, Floor 10, Floor 11).  

Q: I booked a desk for 5 min on Monday, will it be counted in the desk utilization calculation?

A: No. We only count desk reservations that are 30+ minutes.

What happens if I delete a floor?

A: The deleted floor and its desk and space bookings will still be represented in the utilization calculation. The floor will no longer be displayed in the table if the selected time range is. . .

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