Editing synced events setting

To edit a synced event, you must be an admin in Robin or the event organizer. To learn more about organizing or owning your events for easier editing abilities check out this guide

If the event was created outside of Robin, the calendar icon will appear to denote synced events in your schedule.


The schedule view also provides a key to indicate which events you're able, as the user, able to edit. 



Enable the "Edit synced events" setting

As a Robin admin, navigate to Manage Organization > Event Customizations and enable Edit Synced Events.


For Google users, the booking user must be able to edit room resource calendars directly.


Updates to your calendar

User Role Calendar Changes
Event organizer Editing a synced event in Robin will update the original event in your calendar and any invitee calendars
Robin admin Editing a synced event in Robin will update the room resource but will not update the organizer's calendar (unless you are also the event organizer). 

Editing events for others

If you are not the event organizer, editing a synced event as a Robin admin will only update the calendar in Robin. The organizer and invitee calendars outside of Robin will not reflect event changes.

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