What the guest experience looks like

A key part of Robin's visitor management system is to provide an efficient and easy workplace experience for guests. First, let's review the guest experience from a high level:

1. The guest approaches the arrival display that is set up in the lobby to check in for their visit. If the guest was pre-registered, they have the option to use their mobile device for a touchless check-in experience instead.

2. If your office requires any health checkpoints, NDAs, or any other legal documents, then the guest will be prompted to acknowledge those in order to complete the check-in process. 

3. The guest passed the health checkpoint and acknowledged the NDA.

4. The guest has checked in successfully.

5. The host receives an email letting them know their guest has arrived. 

6. The visit is over, and the guest checks out via the arrival display. 


Pre-registered guest experience

Depending on how your office is set up, you can register your office guests ahead of time from the web dashboard. 

  • After you register your guest, the guest simultaneously receives an email with the details of their visit and 4 hours prior to the visit start time, so they can easily access it and check in when they arrive.
  • The check-in window opens 90 minutes before the scheduled visit start time.  If a guest tries to check in any earlier prior to the 90-minute window, the check-in button will not be available, and the guest will see a message directing them to come back closer to the visit start time.
  • Any buildings that require a health checkpoint for employees will also require guests to complete the same health checkpoint in order to check-in. The guest will receive an email with a link to complete the health checkpoint 24 hours prior to their visit start time.
  • If you require visitors to agree to any legal documents before their visit, they can do so before their visit from the email they received or when they arrive from the arrival display.  


Pre-registered guest check-in on mobile


When a guest arrives, they'll need to open the email they received & follow the "Check-in for my visit" button, which takes them to the guest portal page.


The email and the portal page are unique to the guest and to the visit. It cannot be used for other guests or visits. 


From the guest portal page on their mobile device, they'll tap I'm here. 



The guest will see a check-in confirmation message. This triggers an email to the host letting them know their guest has arrived.



Pre-registered guest check-in via arrival display


When guests arrive, they'll tap Check in on the arrival display.


They'll enter their email to pull up their reservation and check-in.  If the guest hasn't completed the health checkpoint and it's an office requirement, they can complete it from the display.

Note, that the guest check-in is intended to be done once the guest has arrived at the office because it immediately alerts the host that they have arrived.



Guest self-registration as a walk-in 

If a guest arrives at the office and they weren't pre-registered, they can register & check in from the arrival display. Provided the guest self-registration setting is enabled for the display.


They'll tap Check in.



They'll enter their email > tap Next. 



They'll enter their full name and the name of the person they're visiting > tap Next. 



Then they'll select the reason for their visit > tap Next.



If a health checkpoint and or acknowledgment of documents is required, they'll be prompted to complete those then and there from the arrival display.


After the guest completes the registration steps, they're automatically checked in and the host is notified.


Office Policies & desk reservations for guests

Booking a desk for a guest: 

  • Global admins, owners, and custom roles with delegation permission can reserve a desk for a guest using the guest's email right from the Office search page.

  • However, adding their email as a visitor and reserving/assigning a desk with their email address does not automatically add their email in Robin as an actual Robin member, which means guests don't have the ability to log in to complete desk check-ins.

  • Lastly, because Robin only has an email address, the guest's name will not appear on the desk or in people searches. 

Health checkpoint for guests:

If you require your employees to complete a health checkpoint before coming into the office, that will apply to guests too. Pre-registered guests will receive an email with a link to complete the checkpoint 24 hours before the visit starts (or immediately if the visit starts within 24 hours). 

  • Guests must complete & pass their checkpoint before they can check in to the office. Therefore, if a guest appears as "Checked-in" then that means they passed the checkpoint.

  • If the guest fails the health checkpoint, their visit is automatically canceled. If this happens, the host will be notified with an email telling them why the visit was canceled and the status will be updated on the visitor log. 


Document acknowledgments

Guests can acknowledge documents or "accept terms" from an arrival display as part of the guest check-in workflow, or If they're pre-registered, they can acknowledge agreements from their mobile device using the email they received.

  • An agreement is required to complete the check-in.

  • Guests can send themselves a copy of the document via email. 

  • A copy of the document is emailed to the designated email address that was specified when the document was set up.  

Arrival display:


Mobile device experience (pre-registered guests only):

Pre-registered guests can use their personal devices (mobile phone, computer, etc.) to access the guest portal via the invite email they receive as registered guests. From here, they can agree to any required documents anytime before the visit.


Guest self-checkout

Guests can check themselves out on their way out of the office using the arrival display. Just like the check-in process, guests will enter their email to pull up their visitor information, and then they'll see a check-out button next to their name. Checkout timestamps are reflected in the visitor log. 



Guest data

We retain guest data (name, email address, etc.) for one year after a guest’s last visit date. It is de-identified and aggregated after that time.

Note: On April 27th, 2023,  guest data retention changed from 90 days to 1 year.  Therefore, any guest data before January 27th, 2023, was already de-identified.

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