Notifications for guests

Robin sends office guests a few different types of email notifications for a welcoming and seamless experience. 

When a guest is pre-registered using the web dashboard:

  • After you register your guest, the guest simultaneously receives an email with the details of their visit and 4 hours prior to the visit start time, so they can easily access it, acknowledge documents ( if required), and check in when they arrive. 

    • The check-in window opens 90 minutes before the scheduled visit start time.  If a guest tries to check in any earlier prior to the 90-minute window, the check-in button will not be available, and the guest will see a message directing them to come back closer to the visit start time.

  • If office guests are required to complete a health checkpoint survey, they'll receive an email with a link to complete the health checkpoint 24 hours prior to their visit start time. 

Learn more about the guest experience here!

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