Room display mounting guide

There are a few ways to get your schedule on a room display without breaking a sweat. This guide is one of them. These options are meant for both iPad and Android tablets running our Rooms app.


Empty mounts are the worst. Fortunately we keep a current list of our favorite tablets here.

Hot tip: The room display app supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

To enable portrait mode, firmly grasp both sides of the tablet. In one fluid motion, rotate the device 90 degrees, taking care not to disturb nearby co-workers with your sudden movements. The app will rotate automatically, and you can secure it to your wall mount.


Wall mounts

We're fond of the style and price of Heckler Design's Windfall series. They also make freestanding versions for desks.

For suggested mounting height, the Americans with Disabilities Act recommends: 

The baseline of the tactile copy can be mounted between 48” at the lowest point to 60” at the highest point. This allows signs of different sizes to be mounted on the same visual plane.

Glass conference rooms with frames

For glass walls with solid frames, there is a conference room variation of the Side Mount Frame with a side compartment for PoE (Power over ethernet), cables, and optional battery.

Glass conference rooms without frames

For glass conference rooms without a frame, and where a free-standing mount isn't possible, follow this guide for a list of glass-only mounting equipment.

Power over Ethernet

For offices where outlets aren't readily available, you can use power over ethernet adaptors instead. We recommend this one. The Windfall frame above even has a compartment for storing it.

If you need to remotely restart the room display's power via PoE, you will have the best success with finding PoE tablets for Android. Keep in mind that it should meet the minimum specs here in order to run smoothly.


Some offices have limited outlet access, which makes direct power difficult. Fortunately there are number of great batteries which only require a couple overnight charges per week to stay running. We'd recommend batteries over 10,000 Ma capacity to avoid frequent charging, but any standard power bank will work. You can find a few solid choices here.

Mounting with batteries

The best option for batteries is the Front Mount from Heckler. It includes a fitted area for the Amazon battery listed above. This will sit flush with the wall and not require any extra maneuvering to set up.

If you have a different type of battery, we recommend using a Windfall Stand and then mounting it against the wall with the battery strapped underneath. Here's a rough approximation using extremely lifelike graphics:

Other options

Free standing displays are mobile and easy to set up. They also don't need any extra consideration from IT or construction folks. If you want to talk through your set up, send us a quick email.

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