Android device settings for best performance with Robin Rooms

The Rooms app performs best when it can continuously show what's happening in your meeting rooms. Android tablets will allow you to prevent the display from going to sleep during the day with a "Stay Awake" mode. This mode will also help with dimming in the evening to conserve battery. You can follow the video below, or review the steps in the article for a tutorial on how to keep Android devices from going to sleep.



Enable stay awake mode

To enable the "Stay Awake" mode, navigate to the tablet's Settings.


From the settings page navigate to > About Tablet > Software Information.


Then tap the "Build Number" 7 times to enable developer mode. 


Developers mode is where you'll find the Stay Awake option, toggle to enable.



Disable automatic software updates

Automatic software updates can also cause devices to go to sleep from time to time as well. This is why we recommend disabling Auto Update System while you are in the developer section. 



Enable "Guided Access mode"

Technology is great when it works, but we all know it's not perfect. App and device crashes are inevitable, but the Guides Access mode can help by automatically restarting the Robin Rooms app. The Guided Access mode also prevents people from changing the app on the screen. We found this resource helpful for more information on the benefits of Guided Access mode and how to enable it for Android devices. 


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