Checklist: Transitioning from Exchange Web Services to Microsoft 365

This guide assumes your organization is using Exchange with Robin, and now you're ready to make the switch to Microsoft 365 for a better scheduling experience. 

For a smooth transition, we recommend recreating your instance in Microsoft 365 before making any changes in Robin. Follow the outline below to get started. If you prefer to use a migration tool please refer to Microsoft for assistance.  


How to connect

A service account is simply a licensed user account with a specific purpose. Connecting with a service account is more configurable and is good for teams that want to maintain the highest level of control over permissions, access logs, etc. We recommend this method because it may feel more comfortable if you're coming from an Exchange environment. Or you can explore connecting via app.  

Create a service account in Microsoft 365

    1. Create a service account 

Create Microsoft 365 Room calendars

    1. Create room resources in Microsoft 365

Configure room impersonation

        1. Configure room impersonation (If connecting via service account method)


Now that Microsoft 365 is configured, it's time to remove the accounts associated with Exchange from your Robin office. 

        1. Changing the account connected with Robin
        2. Removing room calendars


Lastly, reconnect Robin with Microsoft 365

Connect with Robin via service account

        1. Connect via service account or if you chose to connect via app.

Pair your Microsoft 365 calendars to your spaces

        1. Add room calendars to your spaces


Common errors when connecting via service account

More help with Microsoft 365 

If you prefer to use a migration tool please refer to Microsoft's migration guide.  If this is the approach you take, we recommend reaching out to Microsoft for more information and further assistance. 

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