How to migrate existing calendar events to Robin

Because Robin is not a calendar system, all scheduled events must live on a calendar in order to appear in Robin apps. 

If your office already uses Google or Outlook as a calendar system, then migrating calendar events is most likely unnecessary. The events that currently live on your teams Google or Microsoft calendars will sync to Robin after the initial calendar integration and room calendar pairing steps are completed successfully. 

If your office uses an unsupported calendar system (i.e. any calendar system that is not Google or Outlook) or is making the switch from another office management solution, then you might be wondering how to transfer those  existing events to Robin. In most cases, this can be done via exporting and importing calendar data. 

  1. Export existing calendar events from the old office management solution or calendar system via CSV or Excel file.  
  2. Import the files onto Google or Microsoft room calendars. Still need to set up room calendars in Google or Microsoft?
  3. Connect your Google or Microsoft room calendars to Robin. Follow the guides linked below to ensure your set up for scheduling success:

The key thing to remember is Robin is not a calendar system, but simply syncs event data from your office calendar system > to Robin, and vice versa, Robin > to your calendar system.  Meaning, all events live on Google or Microsoft room calendars. For more details on syncing and scheduling, head this way. 

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