Admin-only scheduling policy

We also provide a Meeting Room Approval feature, learn more here!


Some areas in your office may need special permission to schedule. One way to do that is with the "admin-only" scheduling policy. 

The "admin-only" policy can help office managers & admins keep tabs on special spaces. It is a space-level configuration that blocks any non-admin users from scheduling events in that space and instructs folks to contact an admin for assistance.

If you enable this policy, we also recommend configuring an admin support address on the workplace services page to help users book the space. These configuration steps are outlined below. 

Enabling the "admin-only" scheduling policy

Admins can customize scheduling policies for each space from the Robin dashboard.  Navigate to Manage in the top ribbon > Offices in left panel > select HQ/building >select a space > scroll down to the "Scheduling policies" header > enable Restrict booking to admins.   


Check who your calendar is shared with

This setting will only apply to access within Robin, so anyone with direct calendar access will still be able to schedule normally.


Configuring support for admin-only bookings

To support admin-only room bookings we recommend setting up an email that is visible for users to contact if they need to inquire about an admin-only space. This setting can be found under our Workplace Services, called "Room request." Note, that this is not the same experience as the Meeting Room Approval feature that works a little differently. 

Room requests are a type of support service that can be configured on the workplace services page. Navigate to Manage > Workplace services >  Office Admin  > Add contact.


This is where you can assign an admin address that users can contact when they need to use an admin-only space.  add_admin_address.png  

How it works

If you select a space you don't have access to, Robin will show an admin-only warning message. If support services are set up, Robin will try to instruct you to find an administrator for help. Below are some examples of what you can expect to see.  

Office search page

By default, your office map will only highlight spaces you have permission to reserve. You'll notice that restricted spaces will be flagged in the list on the left and depending on the type of restriction, Robin will try to suggest a next step. The restricted spaces will also be hidden in the event composer and extension's suggested spaces to keep space searching quick & easy.

Event composer

When members are creating an event via event composer, Robin will hide those spaces from appearing in the assistant-driven space suggestions. 

Legacy event composer 

If you select a space you don't have access to, Robin will show an admin-only warning message at the bottom of the event composer and block the booking. If you have support services set up, Robin will instruct you to find an administrator to help. 


FYI: Some older versions of the mobile apps may show this restriction as an error message instead of warning you beforehand.

Schedule view page

You will see a lock icon next to any restricted spaces and if you hover over the space name you'll see a note to contact your admin to book the space. resticted_space-sched.png

Room page

If you're viewing a room's page with restricted access, it may not be as obvious at first glance, but you will hit a warning message when you try to book a time slot. If this happens to you, select contact admin on the left panel. 


This will open a modal where you can easily contact the appropriate admin for assistance.



Only allow impromptu meetings

If you have "Impromptu Meetings" enabled on the room display, then folks can still create new meetings from the door.

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