Restricting calendar access to administrators

Some areas in your office may need special permission to schedule. You can limit the average person from scheduling in these spaces by enabling "Admin Only" mode. This feature is available starting at the Pro plan.

Check who your calendar is shared with

This setting will only apply to access within Robin, so anyone with direct calendar access will still be able to schedule normally.

How to enable access control

When viewing a space in the web dashboard, click Manage and then scroll down to the Scheduling section. Enable the restriction to admins by switching the setting to On.


When enabled, Robin will prevent users from scheduling new events through web and mobile by showing a "read-only" mode. Administrators in Robin can continue to schedule as usual.

If you select a space you don't have access to, Robin will show an admin only warning message at the bottom of the event composer and block the booking. If you have meeting support services set up Robin will instruct you to find an administrator to help. 

FYI: Some older versions of the mobile apps may show this restriction as an error message instead of warning you beforehand.

Only allow impromptu meetings

If you have "Impromptu Meetings" enabled on the room display, you can still allow people to create new meetings from the door.


Learn more

For more about setting up support services to contact admins from the room display, check out this article

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