Enabling single sign-on via Okta


  • Advanced Authentication & User Management

Robin has an official connector app available through Okta's app marketplace. When you install via the connector app, Okta should automatically give you a personalized guide. You can also use this connector app to set up automatic user provisioning via SCIM.

If you hit any trouble with the standard connector app, you can also connect Okta as a custom integration using the instructions from the generic SAML guide.

If you receive Failure Decrypting Data when trying to log in, use the certificate file below into the app configuration within Okta, under Applications > Robin > Sign On.


This certificate is also available when configuring Okta within Robin's web dashboard.

Download the x509 cert Download Okta Certificate

If you need to verify that you've configured the Robin side properly, here's an example of a working configuration:


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