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Need to limit the length of desk reservations? Desk policies can be applied to a building level, desk "work area" space, or to a particular desk group.

A. Apply to building

Navigate to Manage > Offices > select a building > scroll down to "Desk Reservation Policies".

B. Apply to desk work area space

Navigate to Manage > Offices > select a building > select desk work area space > scroll down to "Desk Reservation Policies".

 Any policies you set at the building or space level, will apply to every desk group in that space.

C.  Apply to desk group

If you have a group of desks that are used a little differently than the rest, head over to the desk group management page (Manage > Offices > select a building & space > scroll down to Desk Groups) and set reservation policies that will be enforced for that specific Desk group. 




Desk reservation policies

Max LengthRestrict how long a reservation can last (measured from start to end). 

Advance booking thresholdRestrict how far in advance hotel desks can be booked (based on when reservation starts).

Desk sharing: Allow people to temporarily share (“reverse hotel”) their assigned desk when out of the office. Learn more here. 

Desk check-in's: Beta program only. Reach out to your Robin rep for more information.


A few things to keep in mind

  • Hot desks are always only reservable for a maximum of one day, and can’t be reserved in advance.
  • Assigned desks don’t have an end date.
  • When enabled, the default max reservation length is 1 week, and the advance booking threshold is 30 days.
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