How to edit a desk reservation

You can make changes to your desk reservations using the web dashboard and mobile app. If your office uses QR codes for desks, then you can easily scan and swap your desk. 


Today you can only edit your own desk reservation. The edit desk reservation functionally does not support desk delegation. Users with desk delegation permission are limited to ending or canceling a reservation on a user's behalf.

Web dashboard

Schedule workweek view 

When you open the web dashboard, you land on the Schedule page. The Schedule page is where you can plan out your week, including making and canceling desk reservations. 


Locate your reservation on your Schedule.


In the right sidebar, click the 3 dots next to your reservation to open the action menu.



You have two options:

A. Cancel reservation: This cancels the reservation for that day only. If you need to cancel a reservation that's for multiple days, then head to your user profile to cancel the entire reservation.

B. Edit reservation: This opens the office map, where you can edit the time, date, and duration of a single-day reservation. Editing the time or duration of a hotel reservation (multiple days) is not supported.

2023-12-20_08-21-02 (1).gif

Office page

You can edit and or cancel reservations using the Office map. To do this:


Navigate to the Office tab and locate your desk on the map. Look for a red "Your desk" marker. 


Click on your desk to open the reservation.

A. If it's a hotel desk reservation (multiple-day reservation), select Change dates to add or remove dates. Remove all the dates to cancel the reservation. Editing the time or duration of a hotel reservation is not supported. 

2023-12-20_08-45-47 (1).gif

B. For hot desks (single-day reservations), you have the option to edit or cancel the reservation. Use the fields at the top to edit the date, time, or floor and click Update reservation. 


Mobile app


Locate your reservation on your schedule and tap the 3 dots next to it to open the action menu. Or open the reservation under your user profile (located at the bottom of the screen).


Now there are different modification options based on the type of reservation you have:

A. Single-day (hot desk) reservation:  You can either edit or cancel the reservation. To edit, use the fields at the top of the map to change the date/time. Or cancel the reservation. 


B. Multiple-day reservation (hotel desk): If the reservation is part of a multiple-day reservation, then you can only cancel (remove) that date from the hotel reservation; you cannot make changes to the time.


Q: Can users with desk delegation permission edit someone's reservation on their behalf?

A: Not today.

Q: Can I edit my own desk reservation if an office admin (or a user with desk delegation) made the original desk reservation for me?

A: Yes. 

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