Managing office buildings and campuses

In Robin, Buildings are a way to organize similar collections of spaces. For most organizations, a building will be a single office address or location. For example, if your company exists in multiple cities you might have separate buildings for "East Coast HQ" and "West Coast Outpost". This makes it easy for employees to search for workplace resources nearby instead of filtering through the entire organization. 

Global admins can manage their organization's buildings and local office admins can manage the building they have admin permission in from Manage > Offices in the web dashboard.

Editing your building's details 

Hover over a building and click the edit pencil on the right to open the details module. You can add extra details about each of your office buildings and you can organize your building into an existing campus in this view.


How does Robin use my address?

When you add an address for your office, the mobile app will use it to identify when people are in the office with infrequent GPS updates. 

Best practices before deleting an office building 

Before you delete an entire office location, we recommend removing all the resources that live in the building first to avoid issues down the road.

1. Remove any connected room displays from spaces.

2. Delete/remove all the spaces and desks on each floor using the Layout tool before you delete the actual building location in its entirety. Navigate to the Office tab > Edit floor button on the map  > Layout. Drag your cursor across the floor plan to select all the desks & spaces > hit Delete on your keyboard. Repeat for each floor in the building. 


Deleting a desk or space will delete any past, current, or future, reservations or assignments associated with the desks and or spaces. This also means the data that was associated with the deleted resources will no longer appear in desk and/or space exports.

Deleting an office building location

Navigate to Manage > Offices > select the building > Edit.

At the bottom of the building details module > Delete.  As a precaution, Robin asks you to enter the building name exactly how it appears before officially deleting the building. 


Setting the office hours & schedule

Admins can edit your office's working hours by navigating to Manage > Offices > Building > Edit


From the module, use the toggle & drop-downs to set what days the office is open and the hours for each day of the week.

Block bookings when office is closed

Employees will still be able to book desks & spaces when the office is closed unless the "Restrict reservations to working hours" setting is enabled. The "Restrict reservations to working hours" blocks uesrs from bookings spaces and desks on standard office closure days. For custom office hours, the "Restrcit reservations to working hours" setting blocks users from booking desks only, not spaces.

These settings can be found on the building settings page or the space settings page under the scheduling policy & desk policy sections.  As you can see below, we include a warning message as a heads-up. 


Use the custom hours tab to set ad hoc office closures for specific dates and/or times for occasions like holidays or deep cleaning days. You can also extend or shorten office hours on any day for after-work events or half days in the office.  Note:  The "Restrict reservations to working hours" setting only blocks desk bookings, not spaces, for custom office closures. 

1. Click Add date & select a date.

2. The closed setting is the default, toggle to open if you're adding custom open hours, such as extending the office hours for a special event.

3.  For office closures, optionally include a reason for the closure. 


Changes to office hours are reflected throughout Robin 

On days the office is closed you'll see a strikethrough on the calendar module. When you select a day the office is closed you'll see a banner at the top with a link to see more about the office hours. 


Editing your timezone

Admins can also edit the timezone of each office from the same dashboard page (Manage > Offices > Select building > Edit). 


Adding multiple buildings

Many teams pilot Robin with a single location before expanding to their other offices. To add another building, click the Add Building button from Manage > Offices

Using campuses

Campuses are available for Enterprise plans.

To add a campus, click the Add Campus button from Manage > OfficesOnce you've named your campus, you’ll want to add a few buildings to it.  Select the campus and Add building or Assign an existing building.


Assigning an existing building


Users should set their default office building under their profile settings.

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