Managing your organization

In Robin, your organization is made up of office buildings, meeting spaces, shared calendars, users, and many other pieces. You can learn more about our office hierarchy here. This article will guide you through some of the common settings you'll need to manage for your office.

Office Settings

Owners and administrators can manage the organization from the Manage tab in the web dashboard


Organization Details

Administrators and owners can add or update key details for their company, such as custom logos, managing issue reporting and service addresses, and testing out experimental features. All members have the option to leave an organization if they so choose. 

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Removing yourself from an organization can not be undone. If you are the only person in the owner role for your team, you won't be able to delete your account until you've promoted another person to that role.



Admins can customize Robin to feel like part of your team by adding company branding logos and office images across Robin.


Administrators and owners can manage connected calendar accounts, API tokens, and integrations with other 3rd party applications. 

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Central management for all of the devices like room displays and status boards.

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Administrators can add and manage campuses, buildings, levels, and spaces within their organization. 

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Invite new users to your organization and manage user roles and groups. 

Read more: User roles and adding permissions to roles. 

A group is a way of categorizing people within an organization, perhaps by department, location, company, or role. The configuration of groups is available for all plans.



Manage the list of amenities for your organization from the Amenities tab.

Read more: How to add custom amenities and how to add amenities for desks and spaces using the Layout tool. 



Issue Reporting and Support Addresses

Assign contacts per location for issue reporting. Configure email addresses from support addresses.

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Admins can sign up to receive notifications any time a room display goes offline for 30 minutes or more. 

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Owners can manage billing details, or upgrade or downgrade their plan.

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