Checklist: Connecting a Google Workspace account

First time setting up Google Workspace (fmr. G Suite) with Robin? You're in exactly the right place. Follow this master checklist and you'll be up and running in no time.

Set up your calendars in Google 

  1. Create booking user IT
  2. Configuring Google Workspace (fmr. G Suite) to work with Robin IT
  3. Setting permissions for editing events IT
  4. Permissions for user impersonation(personal booking) IT
  5. Create calendar resources for rooms IT
  6. Set up Calendars for Robin IT

Setting up an office with Robin

  1. Register office manager
  2. Create office manager

Customize your office

  1. Setting up

Robin 101

Here are some links to help you understand some of the logic behind Robin

  1. Understanding offices
  2. Understanding User roles
  3. Understanding room statuses

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