Booking rooms with Google extension


Having trouble booking?

If a space is free but your events are being rejected while booking through the Google extension, you may not have the correct access to book that space. Check with your Robin admin in order to gain the appropriate access.


The Robin extension helps you find the optimal time and space for the activities in your workday, right from within Google calendar. Activities like meetings, calls, 1 on 1’s, and focused work require different types of spaces, and Robin suggests the best fit for the work you’re trying to do.

Watch our quick overview video of how to book an event using the extension then follow the steps below to get started.


Add an Activity

To book an event using the Google extension, click any open time spot on the calendar that doesn't already have an event scheduled. Or click Create located in the top left corner of Google calendar.

Once you arrive at the event details modal, fill in event details and select Add a space with Robin.


This will open the Robin extension on the right-hand side of the calendar. Robin will suggest the best fit room right there in the event composer or use the extension to find the optimal time for all participants and the best space for your activity.


Using the extension, pick an activity type from the "Explore spaces" menu bar.


Robin will suggest times based on your set working hours (as the organizer) and the invitees availability within in the same domain. Note: If you’re not seeing times populate in the Robin extension make sure the “all day” event option is de-selected in Google.


If no “best fit” spaces are available at the selected time, Robin will show other options, or suggest times when spaces and invitees are available. To see more time options, select change.

The list populates the “soonest available” times by default. To adjust the timeframe, click the dropdown menu for additional options; soonest available, within a week, in two weeks.


Next up, select the room from the suggested spaces. Robin works hard to help you find the best space for your activity. Space selections are determined based on permissions, availability, and fit. room_search-2019.gif

Still not seeing what you’re looking for? Select the arrow for more rooms or use the Robin dashboard. 

Note, secondary space types can be reserved using the Robin dashboard, such as a meditation room. Expanding the filters and searches to include all types of spaces is coming soon.

Once you’ve selected the best time and space for your activity, click Save on the event details modal in Google.


Booking recurring events via plugin

Reminder: When you book a meeting with the Robin plugin, you're actually booking in Google still.  Events booked through the plugin have the same behavior as booking via Google Calendar. 

When you're creating a recurring event, the Robin plugin will check for conflicts and communicate which spaces have future conflicts . If you book a room with notable conflicts, the room will reject the conflicting instances in the series to avoid double bookings. If this happens to you, use the extension to go back and add an alternative available space for the rejected instances.

For example, the space Aussie Central has a conflict on 3/6 captured in the screenshot below. So in this case, if Aussie Central is the room you want for your event, despite the future conflict, you can proceed with booking the event, but you can expect to receive an email notification from the room calendar declining the event on 03/06. 



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For more about installing the Google extension click here.

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