Some events appear in my schedule twice

The schedule view displays events synced from Robin and from your connected calendars. In some cases, you may see duplicate copies of events. This can happen when Robin automatically cancelled the room reservation, or when the event appears on multiple calendars. 

Robin has automatically cancelled the room reservation due to no-shows.

When account administrators enable this setting, Robin automatically cancels any unconfirmed events after a set amount of time. 

When this happens, the schedule view will show the original event details with the full meeting duration, as well as the truncated room reservation. 


Need help confirming events?

You can confirm your events up to two hours in advance right from the event card in the mobile app. Here's how to confirm upcoming events in Robin. 

The event appears on more than one of your calendars.

When more than one of your user accounts is invited to an event, you'll see the entry for each calendar in your schedule view -- one on each of your visible calendars. 

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