The Schedule page

When you log into Robin, you see the Schedule page, which puts people first and highlights the benefits of joining the office when your teammates are in. It also gives activities a front-page seat - highlighting the importance of social, cultural, and community events at work. The new, improved schedule view brings in favorites like announcements, surveys, & desk booking to a new, people-first Robin.

Work Week view 


The web dashboard opens to an interactive weekly schedule that summarizes what's happening in the office that week to help you plan your work week. This is where you can: 

  • See a summary of who plans to be in the office each day of the week, with your favorites highlighted. Have you added favorites yet?

  • See where your teammates are sitting & book a desk nearby to join them. 
  • View your upcoming meetings. Hot tip: Connect your calendar to see if the meeting is happening in person or virtually. 

  • Discover activities happening in the office to join or organize your own activity to share!

  • Let others know when you're dropping in for meetings or office events (but you don't need a desk for the day). 

  • Acknowledge and check your office announcements.

  • Update any changes to your plans. 

  • Pro tip: Hide the weekends and/or past days from your work week, making it easier to focus on planning ahead. Navigate to the settings icon in the top right corner for the toggle options.

My Meetings view

You can use the My Meetings tab to see an agenda view of your events for the week with a laser focus on what's coming up next. If you still need to RSVP to a meeting, you can do that from here, or you can take additional actions from the side menu.2022-09-13_14-54-55.png

Meeting Rooms view

The Meeting Rooms schedule is an overview of events happening in your office. Events will automatically show up for any spaces with calendars.

Hover over a time slot to see more information, or click on an empty space to book that time directly. To edit or delete an existing event, click on the space's name to open a full schedule with additional options.


You can also use the schedule to identify specific types of meetings that may need extra attention via Highlights





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