The schedule tab overview

The schedule tab makes it easy to get a quick overview of your upcoming events and your office's free space over the course of a day. Click on Schedule in the top navigation bar to take a peek.You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for an overview of the schedule tab.

Users will see an agenda view of their events for the week, with a laser focus on what's coming up next. Account admins will see an overview of the office by default, for a bird's eye view of what's happening in meeting spaces nearby.



In the Office Overview, events will automatically show up for any spaces with calendars. Hover over a time slot to see more information, or click on an empty space to book that time directly. To edit or delete an existing event, click on the space's name to open a full schedule with additional options.


You can also use the schedule to identify specific types of meetings that may need extra attention via Highlights:





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