How to fix common error messages from the Room Display

This field guide covers common error messages on the room displays. In the event you or a coworker encounters one in the wild, you'll know how to troubleshoot. 

Incorrect permissions

Robin needs read/write access to the meeting organizer's calendar to make any changes to the meeting. These include starting or ending a meeting early, and extending a meeting.

When Robin can only see the event - but not modify it - you'll see something like the following error:

We don't have permission to move this meeting's start time, but you can still use the room. You should check that Robin is allowed to edit this room's calendar.

This type of error happens most frequently for G Suite users. Here's how a Google Admin for your office can make sure Robin has the necessary permissions to edit all calendars. 

Display is offline

Robin needs an internet connection to keep calendars in sync. When the tablet can't connect to wifi, the display shows an "Offline" mode. Check your network settings and reconnect your device to the wifi network. Robin will automatically reload when it's back online. 


Check the network settings to discover where Robin's having trouble getting back online. 


Frequent connectivity problems?

Try these tips to improve your network connection.

Conflict with another event

Robin does its best at traffic control by preventing double bookings. So if someone else is quicker to the draw and books a meeting just before you do, you'll see a message alerting you to the conflict. Check out which other spaces are available from the "Find another location" view, and better luck and faster fingers next time. 


Missing Event

This message shows when an event no longer exists on the resource calendar or in Robin. This happens if someone removes the event remotely, by canceling it or moving it. problem-ending-meeting.001.jpeg

Missing calendar

In rare cases, calendars may become disconnected from their spaces in Robin. This can happen when the password for the paired G Suite account changes, and Robin no longer has access to the calendars.

A Robin admin can fix this issue by reconnecting the account in the web dashboard.



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