Creating Custom Visitor Registration Forms in Robin


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Organizations with Robin’s Visitor Management are now able to create unlimited custom visitor registration forms for pre-registered visitors. It is now easier than ever to capture additional visit information for your visitors and ensure each visitor has a great experience in the office. 

How to create a new custom visitor registration form:

  • Navigate to the Visits tab and select Custom Visit Forms from the subtab group.
  • To create a new custom visit form, click "Create".
  • After hitting create, the form builder will allow you to create a custom form. You will be able to do the following:
    • Name the form.
    • Preview the form as it will appear when registering visitors.
    • Add custom fields and questions.
    • Select up to two required short answer fields to be printed on badges (if using Robin badge printing for visitors).
    • Assign buildings to use the custom forms.
  • Type the desired form name into the Form name field.
  • To preview what the form will look like for those registering visitors, use the preview toggle.
  • Add new fields and questions by clicking the “+ Add question option”.
  • Enter a label for the custom field or question and select from the dropdown the type of field (Short answer, Long answer or Dropdown).
  • Select whether the field should be required or optional.
  • Select whether the field should be printed to be displayed on a visitor badge.
    • Up to two custom fields can be selected to print on badges.
    • Only required fields are able to be selected to print on badges.
    • Only Short answer questions can be selected to print on badges.
  • When the form has all the required fields and settings, select Next to assign the form to a building. 
  • A custom visitor registration form can be assigned to a single building, multiple buildings, or all buildings. 
  • Buildings that already have a custom form assigned to them will not be selectable. 
  • When the appropriate buildings are selected, hit Publish. The form will go live for the selected locations. 
  • By default, buildings that do not have a custom form assigned to them will use the default Robin visitor registration form.

Managing custom visit forms

Admins will be able to manage custom visit registration forms in the Custom Visit Forms tab. They can do all of the following:

  • Create new forms
  • Sort forms by location
  • Sort forms by name
  • Sort forms by status (either Live or Unassigned)
  • Assign unassigned forms to an available building
  • View who last updated the form
  • View the last updated date
  • Select a form to be edited or deleted
    • Note: once a form has been deleted, it will be removed from the form list and cannot be undone.

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