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What is visitor management?

Your office is not only a space for employees. Organizations across all kinds of industries regularly welcome different types of visitors to the office, including:

  • Customers or clients

  • Vendors and suppliers

  • Contractors and consultants

  • Interns

  • Freelancers and temporary employees

  • Job applicants

Visitor management is simply the set of policies, practices, and tools you use to monitor everyone who uses your office space but isn’t an employee.

About Robin's Visitor Management

Robin's Visitor Management system empowers employees to easily book guests for office visits, gives admins the tools they need to track visitors, and ensures visitors have the information they need to confidently check-in.


Walk-in guest registration

Upon arriving, visitors can quickly sign in without the help of front desk staff. Robin provides the option to set up an arrival display on an iPad or something similar that allows walk-in guests to sign in and scheduled guests to check-in. 

Invite guests to visit 

Schedule guests in advance, and Robin will automatically send an email invitation with customizable visit instructions. 

Arrival notifications for the host

Robin automatically notifies the host when guests arrive, providing an efficient and pleasant experience for everyone. 

Cover compliance requirements with document prompts

Robin makes it easy for visitors to review and acknowledge any legal documents (such as an NDA or waiver) that offices may require. Visitors can acknowledge documents digitally either on the arrival display (such as an iPad) or before they arrive via email. Learn more about adding compliance requirements here. 

Visitor data records for security 

View a comprehensive visit log to track and access information about who has been at your office and when. To learn more about what the guest experience looks like, check out this guide. 

Badge printing

Badge printing enables offices to print badges seamlessly as part of visitor check-in workflows, keeping your employees and intellectual property safe. To learn more about badge printing check out this article here.

Roles + Permission

Admins can allocate different types of permissions to users and roles, ensuring precise control over the organization’s visitor management process. Find out more about Visitor Management roles and permissions in this article here


How to get started

  1. Create a list of different types of visits that best fits your office. This helps hosts prepare for upcoming visitors and provides office admins with accurate records.  

  2. Set up an arrival display at the front entrance for check-ins. Does your office allow drop-in visits? Enable the guest self-registration feature on the arrival display.  

  3. Decide who can invite guests to the office- everyone or only specific users, such as office admins and managers? 

  4. Does your office require visitors to agree to any legal documents before their visit? Learn how to upload and manage legal documents as part of the visitor check-in experience  

  5. Become familiar with the Visitor Log to keep track of who has been at your office and when. This is also where you can "Check guests out" or guests can check themselves out from the arrival display.

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