Reserving workplace resources using your office map

Use the office map to make desk and meeting space reservations for yourself (or for others -- special permissions required).   


Office search tips

  • User permissions: You can see all spaces/desks from the map, but only the resources you have permission to book (and are available) will show as “green” and available to reserve.
  • Office access: Robin will call out the days you do and don't have permission to use the office. You'll notice the "book desk" button is not emphasized and the desks appear faded on days you don't have access. 
  • Grey Slash (/) desks: Crossed out desks are unavailable. These desks were intentionally made unavailable for reservations by your office admin(s). Reach out to your office admin to learn more. 
  • Office capacity: Robin measures your office capacity--calling out the total number of desks that are available to book and when the office has reached capacity and no longer accepting desk reservations for that day.  Note, assigned desk types are not included in the capacity count and appear as unavailable. This is because "assigned desks" aren't bookable. 
    • As an employee, this helps you understand if you need to plan on working from home or plan for heading into the office.  
  • Office hours: Robin warns you when you're reserving a desk outside of the building's office hours. (It's only a warning, it will not block you from booking)
  • Desk status colors to help you find a desk quickly.  
    • Green = Available 
    • Dark grey = Occupied, click to see who is occupying it. 
    • Grey Slash (/) = An administrator made the desk unavailable for use. 


Reserving a desk

The default state of the map is “now”.

From the home card in the top left corner, select the Book a desk for additional desk search criteria.


A. Select a date, time, & duration using the drop-down fields. The start/end times respect your office's work hours.
  • To deselect a date, click it again or hit reset. If your office supports hotel desks, you have the option to make reservations for 1+days by selecting the multi-day check box in the calendar modal.
  • You may see a warning message (only a warning, not a blocker) if the times selected are outside of your office's hours with the option to learn more about your office hours. 

B. (Optional) Use the amenities filter to find a desk with specific equipment you need for a productive workspace (e.g., monitor & keyboard). 


Poke around the map to find a desk you like. Click on a desk for more details, including; available amenities, location & potential booking policies.


Select Reserve > Enter name in the field.
Admins & custom roles with desk delegation and/or desk assignment permission can reserve or assign desks for employees.
(Optional) Uncheck the "Send notification email" box if you don't want to receive (or send) an email confirmation. This is helpful if you're are reserving desks for employees. 


If you checked the email notification box, you’ll receive an email confirmation that will look something like the image below. You can always refer back to your desk reservations under your user profile too. 


Desk policies your office may implement:
  • If your office uses the health checkpoint survey then the survey will automatically open if you made a reservation that starts in < 4 hours. (captured below)
  • If your office requires desk check-ins and you book a desk within the confirmation window, your reservation will automatically be confirmed.
Changed your mind?

From the map pop over you'll see 1 of 3 options based on the status and type of reservation made:

1. Cancel reservation for a reservation that hasn't started yet. 

2. End reservation if the reservation is already in progress.

3. Change dates for a multi-day reservation. 




Viewing & modifying desk reservations & assignments 

If you have any desk reservations or seat assignments, you'll see a link to "View upcoming desks" in the top home card on the Office page. 

This takes you to your personal desk management page where you can review, modify, & end/cancel current or upcoming desk reservations or assignments.

Note:  If the desk reservation is in progress you'll see the option to "End reservation". If the reservation is for a future date you'll see the option to "Cancel" the upcoming reservation. 

If you're an admin you can review employee's desk reservations using the People page, Daily Roster, or the desk export. 


Modifying a multi-day reservation

Select change dates (captured above) and use the calendar (captured below) to add or remove dates to your reservation. 



Reserving a Space

By default, Robin uses the following space status colors to help you find a space quickly. Note, status colors are customizable and may vary. 

  • Green = Available 
  • Red = In use 
  • Yellow = Reserved, but not yet checked in to. 



On the home card, select Find a space for additional space search criteria to find the optimal space for your needs. 

A. Filters are optional and help narrow your search (e.g. amenities, # of attendees/capacity, & space type).

B. Click on the date & time fields to change the date, time, & duration.

You'll see a warning message (only a warning, not a blocker) if the times selected are outside of your office's hours with the option to learn more about your office hours. 


When you see something you like, click on the Book Meeting button or one of the green time pills to open the event composer to complete your booking. 
Use the event composer to fill in the event details and complete your booking. 
For more information on organizing events for others, check out this article.


Learn more about the power of the event composer:

  • If your event composer looks like the image above, head this way.
  • If your event composer looks a little different (no space details sidebar), head this way. 

Viewing your meetings and events 

You can review your meetings and details from the Schedule view. 







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