Create or edit an event (mobile)

In addition to creating events from the Office tab on the mobile app, you can create or edit meetings through the mobile event composer. It is accessible by tapping the calendar icon located on the Pass tab and then tapping the + floating action button from the schedule view. You can also create meetings using the map on the Office tab.  

The event composer works just like your current scheduling apps, but with the added benefit of supercharging, events booked to Robin-powered spaces. 


Choosing a calendar

When you create an event using the email and calendar associated with your Robin account -- typically your work email address -- you can easily add available meeting rooms within your office. 

Swap calendars to create events outside of the office. These events will sync with your external calendars (google, ical, etc), and will not be visible to anyone else using Robin. 

Inviting others to your event

You can also invite others by entering their email address. Robin syncs with your phone's contact list to auto-complete invitee email addresses. 

Schedule a recurring event

Select more options under the event date & time  > Repeat > Select the frequency


Book a space for the event

Select book a space (or choose from suggested spaces)> select your default location to add the campus > building> floor from the down menus. 

Automatic conflict checks when editing

This event composer has a few extra tricks that make it easy to avoid scheduling conflicts when editing your events. Robin will automatically check to see if the room has a conflict and show it's updated status in the space row. Green means the space is still available, and red indicates a conflict.   

Filtering search results

If you're looking to book a space based on a specific criteria or time then you can apply filters to your space search by tapping Filter, then apply the desired search criteria from the filters page. 


Edit an event (mobile)

When editing an existing meeting in Robin there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

  • If the event was created outside of Robin, events with the calendar icon are synced, you need to have Edit Synced Events enabled in the web dashboard.
  • You must be an admin in Robin or event organizer to edit. Robin members will not have permission to edit other folks events. 
From the mobile app, click on the Schedule tab in the bottom toolbar to see a list of your upcoming events. Scroll to find the event you want to edit. Or select the date of the event from the top. Note: Robin shows today's events up through 30 days in the future. 
The event composer will open. Click edit in the top right corner. Make your changes and then press save to update the event. Everyone involved will receive the usual notification.


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