Room display is "Unable to edit, extend, or end this event" for Google calendars

Robin apps may say "We don't have permission to edit this event" when trying to modify or end certain events. This is most common for G Suite users, and happens when the connected booking user doesn't have the right permissions to modify other people's events.

Why do permission errors happen?

To understand why this error happens, it's important to remember that the room display only has as much power as the connected booking user does.

  1. You book a room as and invite the conference room resource.
  2. The event syncs to Robin, which causes it to show up on the room display
  3. You press “End Meeting” from the room display.
  4. The booking user (as tries to edit your event ( to reflect the current time.
  5. If the booking user doesn’t have the permission to make changes to your calendar directly, it won’t be able to update the schedule.

You can find an extended example (with pictures!) of how Robin manages calendar events here.

How to fix permissions issues for Google

Check that the booking account is still connected, then follow this guide to confirm its permissions.

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