What happens when you change the connected account?

When you change the external calendar account used for scheduling, there are a few things to be aware of. After clicking "Remove" from Manage > Integrations, this screen will appear:


"Will switching accounts delete all of my events?"

Nope! When you disconnect a calendar account, Robin will unpair all space calendars and only remove events in the future. Since these events exist on your regular calendar too, they will sync back as soon as you pair the calendars again.

All of your spaces and historical data (e.g. past events and analytics) will stay put.

Remember that spaces can exist without their calendars. When you delete a space’s calendar, the space will continue to exist but switches to on-demand scheduling. Any connected room displays will update to be impromptu-meetings only until a calendar is reconnected. You should not have to update any of your room displays when switching a booking user.

If you have many spaces to manage and you are positive that all of the calendars connected have the same permissions, we may be able to help migrate without forcing each space to reconnect the same calendar manually. Send us a request and we'll be able to figure out the best move.

Changing a resource or room calendar?

This will require a little work from your office admin. Using your native calendar system, you will want to copy all previously booked events onto the new room calendar before removing and adding the new resource calendar to Robin. Don't panic if something goes wrong, you can simply reconnect the old resource calendar again if you need to. 

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