Set up issue reporting for spaces & desks

Support services are a way to give people easy access to help desks and other key contacts in your office. The issue reporting feature is one of the service addresses that can be configured under the Workplace Service page in the Robin dashboard. This enables employees to swiftly report a facilities issue, e.g., light bulb replacement, to the right service team, including an external ticketing system.

This is a reporting feature only 

Today, this is a one-way reporting feature, meaning two-way communication isn't available yet. Robin does not automatically disable the space or automatically send status updates after an issue is submitted. But if your office uses external services (ServiceNow, FreshDesk, etc.) this will link into your normal email flow for addressing issues.


How to set up issue reporting

1. Navigate to Manage > Workplace services on the left panel > next to the facilities section Add Contact


2.  You can customize the service addresses to correlate with specific locations (campus, building level, or space). If you're a large organization with multiple buildings and/or floors with different facility teams, you can add a facility contact for each team as separate entries. 


3. Select Issue Reporting to Indicate the type of service the email address is associated with.


4. Add the corresponding email address. This routes the request to the person or team who can help resolve the issue with the space and/or desk. There are a few things to note:

  • Only 1 email can be entered.
  • A third-party email can be used, but today this is not a direct integration with any third-party software.
  • Group emails are supported.
  • **If your help desk requires a whitelist, make sure to allow incoming messages from

5. Add any helpful instructions for the employee to see when reporting the issue & the save changes. 



How to report an issue 

Employees can report space and desk issues from the mobile app, web dashboard, and room display. Marking a resource as "unusable" does not automatically disable the space/desk to prevent others from booking it. 

Mobile app

Use the Office tab on the mobile app to select the space on the map > tap the action dots from the pop-up module > tap Report a Problem, and fill in the details. 


Web dashboard

Use the Office page in the web dashboard to select the space from the map. From the space details module,  click the 3 action dots > Report an issue.  


Room displays

Any room display outside your conference rooms can be used to report a problem. Tap the Report an issue button at the bottom of the screen. Note: This button will only appear once you have at least one support service added. Full guide here.


Receiving a support request

When someone reports an issue about a space or desk, the corhe report will automatically include information about the resource, as well as details and contact information when the request is sent through the web dashboard or mobile app. The 


The selected service team will then receive an email like this:

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