How to book a desk on the mobile app

With Robin, booking a desk at the office is easy, with access to real-time schedules and availability. You can book a desk when you're planning your work week on the Schedule tab, or you can use the Office tab for a view of your office map. 

In this guide, we'll cover the various ways you can book a desk using the mobile app, and how to manage your desk reservations. Use the table of contents on the right to jump around.

Here are a few scheduling things to keep in mind:

  • Add favorites to see when the people you connect with most are going to be in the office!

  • Assigned seats automatically follow your set office hours. The time or duration can't be adjusted. 

  • If your office uses the health checkpoint survey, then the survey will automatically open if you made a reservation that starts within the active survey window. (captured below)

  • If your office requires desk check-ins and you book a desk within the confirmation window, your reservation will automatically be confirmed.

  • Strike-through dates on the calendar and faded unresponsive desks on the map mean you don't have permission to use the office or the office is closed that day. Reach out to your office admin if you need further assistance. 

How to book a desk from the Schedule tab (home screen)

1. From the Schedule tab, use the arrows to see more dates and tap the day of the week you want to work in the office. 

2. Tap Book a desk & select a floor. Or tap the + quick action button > Book a desk


3. Use the interactive map to find a desk--  set your booking criteria using the fields at the top. Hot tip: If you need a desk with specific equipment, use the filter icon to find the best-fit desk. 

4. Tap a green desk on the map to reserve it. 


* Robin will remember the desks you book and make desk recommendations (based on availability) for an even quicker booking experience next time *


How to book a desk from the Office tab


Open the mobile app > tap the Office tab in the bottom navigation bar.


Tap a desk to book it for "right now" or tap the calendar & clock icons to adjust the date/time, including multiple-day reservations (if your office supports hotel desks).


Note, if your office doesn't use maps you'll see a list view


(Optional) Tap the filter icon to find a desk with special equipment or amenities, such as a monitor & phone.



Tap a green desk for the desk details and the option to reserve it.  

  • Green desks = Reservable
  • (/) slashed desk = Made unavailable by an admin
  • Dark grey desks = Occupied



All set! Try sharing your desk reservation with a co-worker using the app of your choice or tap Dismiss.



Booking a desk using the list view 

Every office is set up differently in Robin, and you may see a list view instead of a map view. Both UI's are easy to use for workplace reservations.


Open the mobile app and tap the Office tab.

If you prefer the list view over the map, tap the "bulleted list"  icon in the top right corner to switch to the list view. 


Use the menu at the top to change the building, floor, date, or times, including multi-day reservations. 




Then tap the desk tab at the top. 


You'll see a list of desk pod names and the number of available desks in each pod. Tap the  + icon to see the desk details and the option to reserve it.



Tap Share to send a co-worker a link to your desk reservation, so they can book a desk near you, or tap Dismiss.  

How to edit a desk reservation

1. Locate your reservation on your schedule or under your user profile (located at the bottom of the screen). All of your upcoming and past reservations can be found under your user profile.

2. Tap the three dots next to your reservation to open the action menu. 

3. Tap Edit reservation.


4. Use the fields at the top to adjust your reservation, and then tap Update reservation to save your changes.

Note: if the reservation is part of a multiple-day reservation (hotel reservation), then you can only cancel (remove) that date from the reservation; you cannot change the time.  

Lastly, every office is set up differently, but if your office. . .

  • Uses the health checkpoint survey, then the survey will automatically open if you made a reservation that starts within the active survey window. 

  • Requires desk check-ins, and you book a desk within the confirmation window, then your reservation will automatically be confirmed.

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